Maintenance and Repair of Folding Dining Products

Our maintenance and repair service for the Palmer Hamilton range of folding mobile dining products was launched in 2009. After achieving year on year growth throughout the UK the service was extended to cover repairs and maintenance nationally for tables and furniture supplied by other Folding Furniture manufacturers. As the original sole importers of Palmer Hamilton furniture we have vast in-depth knowledge & experience of their products within the UK and have also received training at SICO UK headquarters and are authorised to carry out repairs for their total range of folding tables and products.

We have successfully and repeatedly repaired furniture that schools and institutions have believed to be beyond repair thus saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Our ethos has always been to try to repair furniture rather than condemn it but importantly always within safety and PUWER guidelines. By having regular maintenance inspections we are able to prevent issues from happening thus saving schools costs where possible. Whilst we strongly advise regular inspections we are able to offer one off inspections or repairs and would advise contacting us for more information on this.

We operate geographically throughout the year to keep prices down to our customers.

Our Annual Maintenance Program includes:

  • Visual Inspection of all furniture looking for any obvious signs of damage or missing parts.
  • Inspection of all tops, benches and stools (where applicable) making sure they are firmly fixed to frames and that edges and laminate are secure.
  • Open and close furniture to check there is sufficient tor
  • sion.
  • Check all pivot points, bolts and all other moving parts and lubricate where required.
  • Check table and bench movement on the floor, checking the tyre condition of castors and that there is free movement in all directions
  • Visual inspection of all welds.
  • Inspect all lock points on furniture.
  • Carry out minor adjustments.
  • Reduce cost or repairs through the duration of the annual contract
  • Monitor and report to clients for PUWER standards (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations)

Bring ‘new life’ to older tables:

Have your existing Folding Dining tables become hard to operate? Are the replacement costs not within current budgets? We have identified that whilst the framework and structure of the tables can withstand the rigours of daily use the different lift systems fail over time and with continual use. Your Lunch Staff may be experiencing this and that makes for the tables to be heavy and very difficult to fold up in to the stored position or too quick to drop open. Your tables were of high cost when purchased and are even more expensive to replace today. We can adjust your tables setting or supply and fit new springs within your tables which would return them to their original specification and useability at a fraction of the cost of table replacement.

We would be more than happy to visit your school to inspect and report on the condition of your Tables.