Sico, Palmer Hamilton, Spaceright

To provide a total maintenance and repair service for all Educational Dining products.

Client name
Installation/site address
Tel No
Email address
Equipment                         Manufacture                       Number

Works/ services included

  • One Annual visit for inspection of all mechanical and structural components.
  • General lubrication and adjustments where necessary and as recommended.
  • Refresher training for on site staff and operators during planned inspection visit.
  • Compliance with The Provision and Use at Work regulations 1998. PUWER
  • Reduced costs for non warranted repairs.

Works excluded

  • Pre-Contract works or repairs subject to equipment condition at first visit.
  • All/Any repairs necessary which are caused by vandalism or misuse.
  • Requested operator refresher training (see planned inspection)
  • Fire, flood or impact

Note: All non warranted works will be inspected and quoted prior to being carried out.

This contract is a preventative maintenance schedule for Sico, Palmer Hamilton & Spaceright Folding Dining products, declining this agreement does not affect any rights which may apply under the manufacturers warranty, it will however provide a consistent standard of service operation for the product throughout its working life.

The cost of this agreement will be     per unit per annum ( subject to price review yearly)


The following terms will apply for the duration of the maintenance agreement:

  • Annual visit made to clients premises for Maintenance Inspections
  • All annual visits to be planned by Innovate The Group Ltd date & Time
  • All calls to be carried out during the hours of 8.00am and 5.30pm
Note We reserve the right to make additional charges for all requests for visits outside of these hours .
All annual visits will be planned by Innovate The Group Ltd on a geographical and best practice basis.


All Visits requested which are covered by Manufacturers Warranty (If applicable)

No Charge

All Visits requested caused by misuse or neglect.
Should planned visits be unreasonably declined then any requested unscheduled visit will incur extra costs.

Call out to inc first ½ hour £60.00 Plus Vat
£45 per hour thereafter

Specific requests for refresher operator training on premises

Call out to inc first ½ hour - £60.00 Plus Vat
£45 per hour thereafter

Parts & Consumables

Parts required under terms of manufacturers Warranty

No Charge

Parts required outside of Warranty terms

List Price

Note: The above Non Warranty, unscheduled or Refresher Training call outs are also subject to a standard labour and mileage charge outward journey only of 40p per mile plus travel time.

Contract Duration

The Contract is yearly in duration and automatically renewed unless cancelled by either party giving 90 days notice prior to renewal date.

The client will be sent a renewal notice 60 days prior to the renewal date.

Any changes to the terms of this agreement will be advised in writing within the agreement term.

All matters relating to this agreement are in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions.

THIS CONTRACT ANNUAL COST           £           Plus Vat

Signed acceptance of terms:

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Signature………………………           Date…………………………..

Renewable annually

Payment method           Upon Invoice           Yes/No

                                        Direct Debit           Yes/No

Please sign and return to:

Innovate The Group Ltd
Unit 241
80 High Street
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