We invite you to watch our short video and compare the Innovate Wall Pod with other systems, and look forward to showing just how different it is.

A breakthrough in space saving folding canteen table and bench systems

No currently available dining system offers the level of expandability and flexibility with the minimum of storage that the The Innovate Wall Pod provides.

We are proud to introduce the Innovate Wall Pod, a wall mounted table and bench system For education, leisure & hospitality facilities.

The Wall Pod is a unique alternative for the school, hospitality and leisure market due to its

  • Modular design,
  • Ease in positioning the tables & benches as required, & the
  • Versatility it offers for spaces that are used for multiple purposes.

Latest installation

Installation of 12 Wall Pod Units in 2 Halls at Large North East Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne

wall mounted school dining table and bench system in folded position

Minimal Storage Space

wall mounted dining table unfolding

Easy set up

wall mounted school dining table and bench system in place

Ready for action !

A huge thank you to you and your team , the wall pods are perfect , a great product and will be a great help to us for our dining provision. Thanks again,

Senior Business Manager

Wall Mounted storage

Modular storage Pods enable the siting of the units in the most available position making use of all/any available fixing locations.

Fast Set up

The Wall Pod Tables and Benches are quick and easy to set up in a fraction of the time that more conventional furniture takes saving time and making more economical use of school staff.


The area can then be very simply and speedily transformed in to a Theatre, Meeting or Assembly area by storing away the Wall Pod tables and resetting the Wall Pod Bench layout as required.

Multi Directionial

The Wall Pod Tables and Bench system can be moved in any direction unlike all other available wall based furniture which can only travel in straight lines from their storage units.

Increased Capacity

The Wall pod system is infinitely and economically expandable as your school numbers grow simply add more Pod boxes to the front of existing units.

We have designed The Wall Pod with operational safety uppermost in mind, and the tables and/or benches can be securely locked into the wall pods, which in turn are safely fixed to the wall.

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