The Innovate Wall Pod System

Features & Benefits

Multiple Locking Systems

  • Multi Lock points on each table and bench set.
  • Handle lock provides an automatic one-step release from The Wall Pod.
  • Magnetic base catch automatically secures tables and benches in pods during storage.
  • Keyed mullion locks secure table and benches in storage position against unauthorised use.
  • Centre leg ‘inverted V lock’ safety system for easy table and bench movement.
  • Latches on benches and tables are accessible from either side of the table.

Steel Frame Construction

  • Steel skeletal frame for tables and benches eliminating bending or twisting in use

Spring Assist System

  • Compression springs provide smooth controlled operation.

Centre Legs

  • Cushioned rubber feet provide additional load-bearing capacity.

360 Degree Roller Balls

  • Tables move with little effort on these long lasting roller balls and provide excellent floor protection, abrasion resistance, high impact strength, and easy, quiet operation.
  • Non-marking and resistant to water, oil and most chemicals.

Powdercoat Finish

  • Reduces risk of chips, scratches and rusted frames.
  • Creates a harder finish that is tougher and longer lasting than conventional paint.
  • Holds up to the rigours of today’s school environment.

Altofina Laminates

  • Abrasion resistant and meet or exceed NEMA specifications.
  • Laminated top sanitary and tamper-resistant tables and benches.
  • Surfaces of tables and benches are free of ‘lock holes’.
  • Less scratches, fading and staining.


  • Edge treatment that provides superior resistance to moisture.
  • Eliminates unsanitary food traps and is extremely tamper resistant.
  • 2mm bonded ABS edge in black or complimentary colours.