Funding new school equipment is a challenge as budgets in the UK’s education sector continue to be stretched each year. Often equipment is not replaced and allowed to become obsolete and expensive to repair and maintain. Schools are looking for more cost-effective and innovative ways to fund their school equipment to enable the school estate to be up to date and create a welcoming social environment.

Innovate The Group Ltd has partnered with UniLink Finance a leading advisor to the education sector to provide clients with a cost effective and compliant leasing solutions for our products. Unilink Finance will manage the leasing process for you and take you through each step of the leasing process.

You may be asking why should I lease this equipment. Below are some reasons:

Spread repayments over a number of budget year

Flexible payments tailored to your needs

School devolved formula capital budgets can be directed to other projects

For more information get in touch with Phil Harrison at UniLink – or contact us to liaise.