The Wall Pod System

A breakthrough in wall mounted folding table and bench systems

Designed and manufactured by Innovate The Group Ltd entirely in the UK there is no currently available dining system offering the level of Versatility or Expandability with the minimum of storage space that the Wall Pod System provides.

Wall Mounted storage

The totally unique modular designed Wall Storage Pods enable the siting of the units in any available and convenient position making use of all available fixing locations. And due to the total manoeuvrability of the tables and Benches they are available for all uses.

Fast Set up

The Wall Pod Tables and Benches are quick and easy to set up in a fraction of the time that more conventional furniture takes saving time and making more economic use of school staff.


The area can simply and speedily be transformed in to a Theatre, Meeting, Lecture or Assembly room area by storing away the Wall Pod tables and relocating the Wall Pod Benches in any suitable layout.

Multi Directional

The Wall Pod Tables and Bench system are easily moved to any position and in any direction unlike other available wall based stored furniture which can only travel in straight lines out from their storage units which previously limited the type of Halls or premises which were suitable.


The unique Wall Pod System design provides infinite yet economic expandability as school student numbers grow, simply add more Pod boxes and Tables and Benches to the front of existing installed units.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Innovate Wall Pod System has been designed with operational safety as a priority:

  • Total steel frame construction for added strength
  • 8 point wall and floor fixings for Wall Pod boxes
  • Individual Mullion Locks with removable key for each Pod
  • Unique Mid Stop Lock system for safely moving of units
  • Two people operation for enhanced safety in use
  • 400mm wide Benches providing greater comfort in seating and stability.
  • 20 Year Manufacturers warranty
  • Complimentary 12 month maintenance cover (Renewable)


Innovate maintenance contract (renewable)